grilling plate as well, for tender, juicy meat and veggies seared to perfection.

The classic air fryer function promises all its crispy, golden results on your favourite fried treats with little to no added oil. It’s the ideal alternative to a classic oven, for fast results and less energy consumption! Adjustable temperature control and a convenient timer make it easy to achieve perfect results on a wide array of delicious ingredients. And with an XL 4.2L capacity, Easy Fry & Grill Classic has the entire family covered. Now what are you waiting for?


Color: Black
Reference: EY5018
 4.2 L

If you’re shipping this product overseas, please keep in mind that all our electrical appliances are fitted with Australian/New Zealand electrical plugs and are designed to be operated on 230V/50Hz as standard.

Please ensure you read the care and use instructions that come with the product prior to using it.


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